About The J Word


Hi. I’m Jules. Many years ago, I started my ohyesjulesdid  blog so I could learn about blogging and post my musings. Over the years, I adopted a few categories that I post in with the most frequency, so I gave these posts their own “series” names. My big three are: 180 Days, posts about my life as an educator and union activist; Jules’s Jukebox, posts about music I like or am interested in knowing more about; and Personal Politics, a blog about the politics of the present that pulls its name Carol Hanisch’s feminist essay “The Personal Is Political” in which she argued that a person’s experiences (particularly that of women) can be traced to where they fall within power relationships. I will occasionally post outside these areas as well. All items are original unless otherwise stated.

I am a single mom working as a veteran teacher and longtime local chapter union leader–while attending grad school no less. I listen to a lot of music (many genres), and I try to watch movies often (but often miss out due to time constraints). This blog is a place for my fledgling writings. This is NOT a professional website, nor is it intended to be. I lead a busy, but rewarding life dedicated to passionately advocating for my son, my students, my colleagues, and the education profession. I believe in lifelong learning–I’m never too proud to learn something new or to admit error. Heck, how else do we learn if not from experience?

My creative musings come in spurts–on late nights or during school breaks. Please read, comment, engage. I do moderate as I expect any visitors to engage respectfully. This is a safe space where it is okay to disagree, but not okay to call people names or be rude. I have faith in our abilities to find common ground and to live and let live. Visit my full blog page: ohyesjulesdid.com. 

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